Frequently Asked Questions

What is EasyCopay?

EasyCopay is a quick, efficient and easy way to automatically pay for all of your out of pocket costs for prescriptions! Just enter your preferred card of choice for payment online at Your payment information is stored safely and securely and automatically charges the card on file when your prescription is filled by your participating pharmacy. You can just pick it up and you’re on your way-no more waiting!

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How do I sign up for EasyCopay?

It’s Easy!  Just click the “Sign-Up” button to start the process.  You will create an EasyCopay account and register your credit and debit card(s) that you want to use for your next prescription copayments.

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What kinds of payments work with EasyCopay?

Cards displaying the MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover logos can be used with your EasyCopay account.  Note that FSA Debit cards can be used with your EasyCopay account only with pharmacies displaying the “FSAok” logo.

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If I register for EasyCopay, how long will my account be active and charged?

You only need to register for EasyCopay once.  Your account will remain active until you deactivate it.  As long as one or more of your registered credit cards is active it will be charged automatically.  If you don’t want to charge your account for particular prescription, you need only ask your pharmacist to not charge your EasyCopay account.

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When does EasyCopay bill my credit card for a prescription?

Your credit card will be charged by EasyCopay when your pharmacist fills your prescription.

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What information will appear on my credit card statement?

Your statement will show the amount charged and the merchant name appearing on the charge will be “EasyCopay”.

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How can I deactivate a credit card on my EasyCopay account?

Login to your EasyCopay account, select the credit card that you want to deactivate and click the “deactivate card” link.  To deactivate your account, just deactivate all registered credit cards.

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