Easy Copay

Pharmacies attract and retain customers with EasyCopay!

EasyCopay automated prescription payments delivers "best in class" customer convenience

To use EasyCopay your customers register their information online, and their preferred method of payment is charged automatically for their copayment when you fill their prescriptions.


  • Is like offering the convenience of a house account to all of your customers
  • Speeds-up checkout and shortens lines at the pharmacy counter or drive-through
  • Offers a competitive advantage to retain and attract customers

EasyCopay delivers convenience features that customers like:

  • "Pick up and go" speedy prescription convenience. No payments to make in the store
  • Automatic copayments when you deliver and when family members or care givers pick up prescriptions
  • Customers pay automatically for their dependents without coming to the store

Getting started is easy

Just click the "Sign Up" button on the right side of this page to create an account for your pharmacy. (Note some services require that your pharmacy use a certified merchant service provider.)


Offer EasyCopay's "pick up and go" convenience to your customers with health debit cards (FSA and HSA debit cards). Customers will enjoy EasyCopay convenience and the ability to use their FSA and HSA accounts to make eligible purchases.

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